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Large Language Models

Customize and optimize your LLM applications with the toolkit to ship differentiated products with AI.

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Integrate SDK

Simple SDK logs your LLM requests and user feedback


A/B test between different prompts and models to create high performing experiences


Select relevant data and fine-tune new models with the press of a button

Drive performance directly from user feedback

Eye-balling a few examples isn't enough. Collect end-user feedback at scale to unlock actionable insights on how to improve your models.

  • Adopt best practices for feedback collection
  • Discover the issues you're missing
  • Easily log explicit and implicit signals through SDK

Automatically find the best prompts and parameters

Easily A/B test models and prompts with the improvement engine built for AI.

  • Compare prompts or different models
  • A/B testing and multi-armed bandit optimization
  • Find the best models and reduce cost

Improve your LLM apps

More accurate

Use your data to make better models

Lower latency

Up to 100x faster with fine-tuned models

Save money

Spend your tokens wisely

Remove repetition

Remove repetition

Prevent 'hallucinations'

Ground your model with specific knowledge

Customize Tone

Tailored to appease your desired tonality

Fine-tune with a single click

Prompts only get your so far. Get higher quality results by fine-tuning on your best data – no coding or data science required.

  • Faster, cheaper, better models
  • Model and data management
  • Competitive advantage from your data

One API – multiple models & providers

Integration in a single line of code. Experiment with Claude, ChatGPT and other language model providers without touching it again.

  • Access all leading LLM providers
  • Compare cost and quality across models
  • Hosted open source models available